Nationwide Ammo Shortages: The Ammo is Gone

UPDATE: This article still get’s a lot of traffic, so I wanted to do a quick update for those who land here. While the ammo supply has rebounded in recent years, what happened in 2013 should serve as a reminder to those who neglect their preparedness planning of how quickly things can go bad. With so much anti-gun legislation making it’s way though congress, and with so many turn-coat republicans now supporting efforts to kill the second amendment, these shortages while likely become an increasing part of the firearms market landscape. 

In 2019, we’ve had:

Jan 27, 2013 – The Ammo Shortage/Panic has dried up supplies around the country. Hopefully you listened to us and stocked up a long time ago; if you didn’t you won’t be finding ammo anytime soon.

With the national dialogue being dominated by gun control, people have been buying up ammo like nothing I’ve ever seen. The waiting list on semi-automatic rifles, handguns and ammunition has grown so long that a number of major retailers have actually told their stores to stop ordering because their orders cannot be filled.

I have received word from a number of sources that most of the major retailers in this country will not be receiving any significant resupply of ammo for at least a couple of months.  The problem has gotten so bad that even police departments are starting to feel the effects.

Police departments around the country have started rationing ammo supplies and cutting back on training exercises to make sure their active duty officers have enough ammo to do their jobs. A number of public officials have actually started to call for new legislation that would allow police departments to buy up huge stockpiles of ammo before it ever becomes available to the public.

Retailers Can’t Restock Ammunition Inventory

Even before the talk of a coming gun ban started, ammo was becoming hard to find. From fears of an economic collapse to the general distrust of our government, Americans were starting to realize that they needed to be able to protect themselves. Once the government announced they were coming after guns, the supply of everything started to dry up.

Bass Pro will not receive new .22lr ammo shipments for 3-4 months.

This morning I talked to someone over at Bass Pro who informed me that they can no longer get .22lr ammo from the manufactures. According to my source at Bass Pro, they have been told by a number of major manufacturers that they will not be sending anything out until at least April.

9MM looks even worse.

The same source informed me that most 9mm ammo is looking even worse. In fact, their popular Remington® UMC 9mm Mega Packs are on backorder until December 2013.

Bass Pro Handguns
Bass Pro Empty Handgun Display
Sportsman's Warehouse Gun Case
Sportsman’s Warehouse Semi-Automatic Rifle Displays Completely Sold Out

Walmart Tells Stores to Stop Ordering Ammo

A contact we have at Walmart told us they are no longer sending any 9mm or .22lr ammo to their stores. This was confirmed by a manager at a local Walmart who told me, “He just got a memo from the corporate office telling them to stop ordering ammo.” According to Walmart, the problem is due to a lack of supply from the manufactures.

How long these ammo shortages will last is anyone’s guess. With so many retailers bowing down to political pressure and voluntarily suspending sales, it doesn’t look like things will be getting back to normal anytime soon. My guess is that ammo will be hard to come by for at least another 6 months, possibly even longer. And based on what I was told out at the SHOT Show, AR style weapons and semi-automatic rifles will be hard to find for at least another year.

If this doesn’t wake people up I don’t know what will. If the Ammo supply can dry up this quickly, what do you think will happen to the food supply during a major nationwide emergency event?

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  1. The Commies R coming!! Just that we cannot take them on head-on, if so, we lose. But guerrilla warfare will take the gusto out of them!!
    I cannot believe I am saying this in America and have this concern! We must stand now! If not, we all hang separately!

    • I see in the future a rebellion or worse a civil war in the US . I love this country, but do not trust our government at all. I wish the people would smarten up , when the government say’s were doing it for your own good .

      • It occurs to me that the real reason for this (so called) ammo shortage might be an excuse to raise prices. Whether or not it was planned doesn’t make any difference. They can blame Obama if they want but I think the corporations top the list of culprits.

        • Get your head out of the sand. How do the corporations make money by NOT selling stuff????? And in this “so called” ammo shortage I can’t buy a box of shells for my 38 anywhere here in Louisville, KY. How does that benefit corporations??? Yeah, they’re making lots of money that way.

          Unfortunately, there are too many people like you with your heads in the sand and you laugh at people like me as though we’re the paranoid ones. You’ll see what we’re screaming about some day. Unfortunately for us all, by the time you realize how wrong you are, it will be too late.

          • Clearly “slick willie” does not have even the slightest insight into the economic theories of supply, demand and the establishment of market clearing prices. Once a “shortage” is established the prices become more elastic and the market will tolerate and establish a new, often higher, market clearing price.

      • Not completely accurate. While DHS is buying up a lot more ammo than it needs and is straining the supply chain, the other half are people buying way more ammo than they need now. People are buying 1,000 round cases in bulk, and these people probably never bought more than 200 before. It’s like a run on the banks… People think money is running out, they run to get their money, and when everyone runs at once, surprise: it actually runs out.

        • Not true at all. By law a gun shop can not sell more than one box of shells per day to one person. This is ALL on obama and his administration.

          • Really, why do people respond and have opinions about things they knwo nothign about. I just bought 1000 rounds or 7.2X69. There is no limit to one box per day. As much as I dislike Obama you can’t pin that on him. If you store has that rule it is self imposed.

    • There is no ammo because the govt is involved in making sure the public can’t buy it. Thank Mr O and his White House cohorts for that!

    • Just ordered 1000 rounds of M305 7.62X51 ammunition. Going to order another 1000 rounds soon. I will be ready.

    • Give a big thank yours to all you damn ignorant assholes who keep putting the america hating politicians back in office. You tell me how fucking pelosi, schumer, etc stay in the swamp for over 30 yrs?

  2. Exactly Prepper Jane, I wasn’t able to prep to the fullest extent due to not having employment at the time but I’m glad I got some rations and ammo to last a little bit of time. The thing I have done the most with my time not being employed is READING and TRAINING. As a Marine Corps vet I knew those tactics but have read a lot on prepping and surviving. Along with running many situations in my head of how things could go because back in January of 2012 when I became unemployed something told me that something like this would be happening in the future, and I’m so glad I woke up and started looking into protecting myself spiritually, mentally, and physically in the meantime. I lost friends and people thought I was crazy for focusing on this, but hey at least I’m being proactive instead of reactive. Lots of luck for the fellow preppers, take care.

        • No, the ammo shortage is because everyone is panicking and buying every round as soon as it is available.

          The supply can’t keep up with the demand because all of the sheep that are afraid that the guvment gun take my guns. Which is a unfounded fear that is being fueled by the NRA so their gun/ammo manufacturing buddies will keep making mountains of money.

          Everyone needs to calm down.

        • correct. and with the economy in the situation it is. Ammo companies didn’t have stock pile. Ammo companies filed orders was they came in.

        • Buy up my%^& there is none to buy up. Think No 22lr REM., Win.CCI,Fiochi,Blazer etc. you think they all quit at once.
          The Manufacture’s have been warned by our Government

        • What is a Dem. sheep like you commenting on the NRA and ammo shortage if you owned a gun you would shoot your self.

        • arg your statement about nra shows just where your ethics are.been drinking of the cool aid have you. you need to tell your lies to someone who has not got off the ship yet. obama your marixs president can not do as he wants with us armed.he stomps on our constition but can not destory it till we are disarmed. my marixs we will not go so peacefully into the night

        • I agree with ugh. If big O were not president and there wasn’t an effort to disarm the populace with all the anti-gun legislation, there might still be bullets on the shelves of retailers. All this was done by design. It didn’t happen over night. I have learned a new term (new to me anyway) it is false bullet or bomb I think. It is where the government kills a number of people in order to say that it is for the greater good. Maybe Boston is such an example? Or as we used to say in the military-When in doubt run about scream and shout. Which brings me to my final thought, the evil one wants to win as many souls as he can while he can. He sure has a hell of a way of doing that, right? Keep on shooting or not so much?

        • DHS is buying billions of rounds of ammo of all type. this triggers individual state agencies and other federal agencies to order huge quantities of ammo and some of you guys here say the ammo shortage is brought on by prepper panic? Now that is amazing!

        • I hate how people think we could take on the government even if we wanted to we stand no chance against abrahams tanks, apache attack helicopter, rapters, thermals, night vision and mini guns sorry your 22 or .223 ar15 just wont cut it

  3. I said it long ago……BUY MORE AMMO to all of my F/B friends and others when blogging. I think the GOV will tax the hell outta ammo and control it in an effort to control the guns. The guns ain’t diddly without the ammo.

    • I am a retired Marine and I am embarrassed that other so called “marines” are paranoid and nuts.
      Panic buying caused by the NRA’s hatred of Obammer started this mess and the lemmings fall right in line.

      • It could also have to do with the DHS buying up 1.8 billion rounds of ammo. That might cause somewhat of a shortage ya think?

        • DHS and Social security buying ammo big time. I believe because one day sooner than people think people will go to the bank and ALL checks will stop. Its coming for sure.

      • I am with Mason..why would our government buy such large amounts of HP bullets, armored vehicles, etc. Where there is smoke you can bet there is fire. Colorado is a good example of what the liberals are trying to do…only time will tell.

      • NRA’s hatred?? The NRA represents the non-partisan interests of all American gun owners, they are the only voice gun owners have. Without them the 2nd Amendment would of been wiped out a long time ago. I’m a Democrat but Obama’s gun-grabbing propaganda and lies are obvious. FBI and DOJ facts show gun control only helps criminals and hurts honest people.

      • I’m also a USMC vet and think your comments are disrespectful and ignorant.

        Don’t pass the blame to the NRA, they aren’t the ones trying to take my guns. The blame sits squarely at the feet of the nutty progressive left who, like you apparently, believe they know better than the citizens how to live ones life.

        • This is just another step the Illuminati aka the New World Order is taking to disarm all of you guys, when nobody has guns, the govt. aka them will. Prepare.

      • I too am a Marine and the movements of this administration are concerning tosay the least. Take away Assault weapons, #1 they are not Assault weapons #2 I prefer being approached by an “Assault weapon than a Concealed weapon, extra seconds to take a defensive position And #3 WTF does Assault weapon ban have to do with protecting our kids? Oh and while we are at it let’s have a true Assault weapon like a Predator Drone keep the people in line. Read the Obvious.

      • lets start this on the right foot first thing no way in hell are you an exmarine. an we hate your marixs president for a reason he sat out from day one to destory this nation as a land of the free. our complet an unter control is what is his marixs goal we may have been born in the dark but it was not yesterday an it will be a cold day in hell when we give this marixs our guns

  4. As a Marine I thought I would never see this happening to my country. So where are these well regulated militias and why are they NOT stopping this government!!!!

    • Randy,

      Semper Fi brother, I’m unsure also where others are at. I’m not sure if it is because others aren’t uniting to stop this or we don’t have others that aren’t afraid to be the first ones to do anything. I know that I wish I had others in my state to talk about these topics and perhaps think of ways to curb this nonsense going on within the Government.

      • 2.23.2013 is a day that the tea party will be gathering across teh country in many different locations in a show of resistance but it is also a start of making connections with others that have the same concerns regarding our current governemnt. check around and look at the tea party FB page. does not mater waht your political beliefs are they are just trying to get things rolling.

    • It will soon be time for an old fashioned military coupe. Round up all of the “commie-Progressives” and give them a long vacation down in Cuba!

      • The correct term is the ILLUMINATI or NEW WORLD ORDER, educate yourselves quickly time is growing quite short.

    • They are getting closer every day, the time is getting very near for the citizens to stop the Dictator, just as they did at Lexington and Concord! Get prepared to assemble!

    • Randy you are not a Marine if you advocating overthrowing the government.
      No one whined when Bush/Cheney spent this country into an oblivion but blame the black guy for everything.

      • Lets see Bush spent put us 4 trillion more into debt in 8 years. Completely agree it was wrong.

        Obama has spent over 6 trillion in 4 years. Lets get past blaming Bush already. Clearly Obama is worse. He is out spending Bush by 250%.

      • Have you forgotten the oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and Domestic.. That was the USMC Oath

      • you know bob your right. but he is not amarine anylonger bob he is now a patriot.- an bob when this marixs trys to take complet control of us we will over throw them

    • The problem is the patriot act has given the government the power to kill US citizens, militia’s or anyone they deem a threat under the disguise terrorism…

    • The United States Code (the laws of Congress) states in 10 USC 311(a) that, “The Militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age…” The US Supreme Court ruled in US v. Miller that when called into action the militia was to show up “bearing arms supplied by themselves…” Black’s Law Dictionary defines militia as, “The body of citizens in a state” and not the “regular troops of a standing army.” The militia is distinctly different from the National Guard or the US military forces.

      • And its funny that is the same argument that these crooked politicians try to make regarding the National Guard being interpreted as standing armies.

  5. We already lost. Go home. The time to fight was years ago but you all sat and watched as they killed in Waco, Ruby Ridge and countless others.
    It’s all just mop up operations now.

  6. Well, I am certainly glad that we started stockpiling ammo 2 years ago! I agree that the government will start taxing and regulating bullets in a backdoor gun control effort. I hate to sound selfish, but I wish that I would have bought more guns and ammunition. Ammo may be the new currency when the economy collapses.

    • god damn you are retarded. it is idiots like you who have made everything hard to get by regular people. what if the government does outlaw guns??? they will take your stockpile for pennies on the dollar. quit drying up the market. the government will never take guns away it’s in the constitution. so quit being such a pain in the ass for normal firearms owners.

  7. Cabela’s Post Falls and all Walmart stores are empty of 90% common ammunition and weapons. There isn’t any .308, 40 S&W, 9mm, .22LR or 45ACP. ALL stores are simply empty here. I asked the clerk at Cabela’s this morning when I was buying powder when he thought this would be over and he said never, it’s just starting and will get worse. If you’re not prepared now, then your screwed. I have everything, and recently jumped back into black powder so I would have that covered to as a backup.

  8. The WM angle is absurd. WM’s on the Front Range of Colorado are getting ammo hand over foot. 5.56 federal in ammo cans (M855), Federal value packs in 9, 40, 45, and tula .223 and 7.62×39. Whatever manager “confirmed” they aren’t getting ammo is off base.

    • That’s interesting Funky because the Walmarts in Nebraska are cleaned out of ammo. The only thing we’ve been able to find in the stores that usually carry ammo are shotgun shells and they are slim pickings.

    • Military have been destroying once fired brass for at least the past year, that used to fill the shelves for reloading. Creating a shortage of brass now. Read up about the current issue with Fort Drum doing this, then consider Feinstein’s comment about ‘drying up supply’.

    • All reloading supplies are nearly gone here. A visit to 3 local large sporting good stores. All were out of primers except for .50 cal. None of the stores had for instance .40 SW brass and .40 bullets. You would have to go to one store to get the brass and another store to get the bullets. All the lower end reloaders were sold out and Wholesale Sports only had 1 Hornady Classic on the shelf. The dies were gone for all handgun rounds, they still had some for hunting calibers of .243 and .270. They use to have cases of ammo every where but the store mainly had empty pallets saying Out of Stock.

  9. Just read an article discussing the Nat’l Weather Service, Social Security Admin, and Dep’t of Human Services placing order of ten’s of thousands up to Millions of .40 cal. Why? Maybe the gov’t is behind this? Can this really be happening? Is this a declaration? The truth is sometimes the hardest to believe,,,

    • I think the mfg’s should cancel or postpone govt purchase contracts. Lets get the public retail outlets resupplied,and demand/supply stabilized first. These bullshit fed agencies should be on the bottom of the priority list….

  10. I went to Walmart today and they were sold out of many calibers and had signs stating that you can only buy 3 boxes of shells a day. One guy told me they had no 22lr rounds. When I looked there were10 – 333 round boxes of an off brand another person had just stocked minutes before

  11. Wal-Mart in Richmond VA is getting some bulk packed.22LR. The location I visited yesterday is limiting sales to 3 boxes per customer when they have stock. They only had one box. No 9mm or 45ACP.

    • Yes, I agree with the above; from every single town/county/state should’ve walked/drove/flew to Ruby Ridge to defend a family under attack by monsters!

  12. All, go to the website and sign the petition 28,000 and counting have signed

    Eliminate armed guards for the President, Vice-President, and their families, and establish Gun Free Zones around them. Gun Free Zones are supposed to protect our children, and some politicians wish to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms. Those same politicians and their families are currently under the protection of armed Secret Service agents. If Gun Free Zones are sufficient protection for our children, then Gun Free Zones should be good enough for politicians.

    • Absolutely correct. Why are some children perceived to be more valuable to others? If our children are being killed it makes more sense to protect the schools with armed guards, than some misguided attempt at disarming everyone. the bad guys are still going to get the guns.

  13. Time is nigh, our country is under attack, there are insidious forces systematically dismantling our constitution…

  14. The America I grew up in no longer exists. It has taken some time for me to come to grip with this realization. I have never wanted a gun in the house before, but I do now. I obviously want to protect myself from others after a disaster. The main reason though is I no longer believe in the government that is in control. What straw will it take to unify ‘we the people’ into movement? Like so many others, I want to act but just don’t know the best way to begin. Any suggestions out there?

  15. Has anyone seen the movie series AMERIKA that’s with a K? It aired in the late 1980’s on ABC ONCE! Gorbachev did all he could to prevent its airing to the American people due to the fact it’s what’s coming here; reportedly, there are Russian troops in Mississippi now waiting to march on us!

    • i think some of our top generals should start recruting now to help organize the people. but i guess obama has already though of that and is curranly fireing the top brass that does not go with his veiws. he’s importing mexicans and muslums into the usa by the millions for no other pupose than to over throw the people of america.

  16. Has anyone seen the movie RED DAWN? This is what obama is preparing your country for. He wants everyone helpless, so that you cant fight back. Goodluck to you all.

  17. Folk, there must be a few good people within this broken government, and I have an idea. The destruction of the three WTC buildings in New york is without any argument anymore the result of this government blowing them up with military Thermate explosives. Controlled demolition. 3000 dead to get us in a never ending war. Get this back on the front burner, demand new scientific hearings, real trials, real executions of the devils who planned and did it. Scientists with real degrees, have discovered the evidence. Contact any senator, rep, any one who can and will listen. Do this, the whole thing falls down around the bad guys ears! A return to us owning our government.

    • There are good people.. Look at Rand Paul.. look at how he is speaking up for the people. What he is trying to accomplish. Sure nobody agrees with everything a politician says or does, but Rand Paul is honestly trying to make a positive difference, as well as a few others.

      The problem is the left/libs (government and media) have a habit of demonizing people that believe in the constitution, and stand up for it, as it was written and intended, to the point where even people on their own side aren’t sure what to believe anymore. That is afterall how communists work. And Obama himself has admitted his desire to destroy the Republicans and conservatives. He wants to get rid of ‘bi-partisan’ government, and have it only run by the left. He said this himself.

      Follow Rand Paul for a while, check out his Facebook page, and stop listening to ABC/MSNBC/CBS, etc.. Even if you don’t like Rand, at least vote for someone else who has a history of speaking up for the people, and for the constitution when all the elections come out.

      When an administration decides it has the power to hide things from Congress, who is supposed to be the ultimate power of government, after ‘we the people’, something needs to change.

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