Woman’s Survival Garden Seized and Destroyed by Authorities

Survival GardenA woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma is suing the city’s code enforcement teams after they illegally cut down her entire survival garden. Denise Morrison, who started the garden after becoming unemployed, had over 100 medicinal and edible plants in her front and back yard.

She told local Tulsa reporters that she started her garden after becoming unemployed as a way to feed herself and treat a variety of medical issues. Instead of relying on government handouts, this woman took matters into her own hands and decided to become self-sufficient. She filled her yard with things like fruit trees, berries, nut trees, and a wide variety of edible and medicinal herbs. She used these herbs to treat her diabetes, high-blood pressure, and arthritis.

Is the Self-Reliant Lifestyle Now a Crime in America?

All her hard work ended when the local code enforcement team showed up to her house and forcibly removed her entire survival garden. before after code enforcment teamMorrison says that she tried to explain how everything in her yard followed the local code enforcement rules. You see, she had problems with these people in the past and this time she was determined to do things by the book.

She obtained the local ordinances and followed every rule to the tee. She made sure that everything in her garden had a purpose, and that her garden looked its best at all times. Local ordinances stated that no plant could be over 12-inches tall unless they were being used for human consumption.

Morrison made sure every plant in her garden could be eaten, but that didn’t matter to the city. They could care less about what the law actually said; they were determined to take out her garden. “Every word out of their mouth was, ‘we don’t care’,” Morrison said.

Over 100 plant varieties were removed by the code enforcement team, leaving her with no way to feed or medicate herself. They took almost everything, including a number of her fruit and nut trees. She told local reporters in Tulsa, “I came back three days later, sat in my driveway, cried and left.”

Government Crack Down on Liberty

Uncle Sam Propaganda PosterWhile this case is extremely sad, it’s also becoming more and more common throughout the country. From “nuisance abatement teams” that have been forcing Off-Griders in California to hook back into the grid, to the heartbreaking story of Andrew Wordes who took his life after code enforcement teams seized his home, this country is making it harder and harder for self-reliant people to live on their own land.

While some dismiss these cases as localized issues, I believe they’re part of a larger movement to control anyone who dares to live a self-reliant lifestyle. I think evidence of this can be seen in the federal government’s attempts to regulate small farms out of existence, their use of the EPA to seize private land, the formation of the Department of Homeland Security’s Green Police Force, their attempts to seize control of the Great Lakes, oceans, and waterways, and their use of organizations like The National League of Cities to take control of local governments.

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  1. My feeling about Pres. Obama is that he and his wife advocate the raising of survival gardens. This is frequently in the news.
    The city or state should have no business interfering with a persons gardening taste, unless they are neglecting the land and letting it promote the growth of noxious weeds.

  2. You’ve all got it wrong! It’s not about Democrats, Republicans, Obama, Romney or Marx. It’s about personal freedom and personal responsibility. It’s about the UN Agenda 21. Ever read 1984?

  3. Kind of fun reading thru the comments. It weent from a woman being totally wronged to right wing, left wing, Che, Mao, Hitler, Obama ettc! No wonder we’re in the state we’re in. Nobody can stay on the subject without adding labels, race baiting, name calling etc! From what I read this woman followed every city ordinance and was punished anyway! I think she is due a big apology, have her garden replanted by the city, and food/medicine provided until it recovers!

  4. I hope she got a lawyer and is suing the hell out of the city, the code enforcment officers and the code enforcment department and anyone else involved in the removal of her life-food products.

    • “Liberal” comes across as a knee-jerk response, of which I see far too much of these days from so-called “conservatives” and “libertarians”

      If you’re going to bandy about labels, use the appropriate one: authoritarian. That’s what it’s always been, it’s just that sometimes the authoritarian happens to be “liberal” as well. No different from a conservative authoritarian.

  5. This is why I moved out of the city and onto a mountain with not so good access. They might try to regulate my property, after all the lead poison in their butts. No one is allowed without an invitation. I am so sorry to hear that happened in Tulsa. We Americans are in trouble.

  6. Her location is the problem here. Her area is too developed to the point where they have aesthetic ordinances. Not a good place to be independently minded.

  7. Denise Morrison I would file a police report against the individual agents, saying they trespassed on your property. File both a city and county police report. Once they went onto your property without probable cause (because they lied when they said your plants weren’t eddible), they trespassed. I would file a second police report saying they destroyed your property. Then a third separate police report stating that they harassed you. Do not worry about losing in federal court. Start with police reports, find someone to create a website blog for you to document and tell your store, and begin to build momentum behind yourself until some powerful attorneys and people, support, begins placing themselves behind you. Put up a no trespassing sign and send the story to Alex Jones. Once he hears of this he’ll flip. He has tons of media presence now. 60 minutes might be interested in this story too.

  8. Back then they WANTED you to own land, to make money and stuff,
    so now………….
    basically the government is going reverse on this they want to own YOUR land

    couldn’t the police dudes compromise with the gardener (like sell some of her food to the market or something) apart from destroying it?

  9. OK its been a year and a half since the article was published, by now she has gone to court, anyone from Tulsa know the outcome? As most stories it got way off track, I agree she should have pressed charges of Trespassing, Destruction of private property, and as many other charges as a good lawyer can dig up. And I hope she got a good civil liberties Lawyer to defend her.

  10. Hello and good day! Its still leagal to be a liberal. Its suppose to be Ok to be a conservative but it isn.t. Besides all that. Right or left we have to work in the center. That is right. It is the Progressives that we have to worry about. our next chosen President. Hillary becaouse she is next. Said she is a modern day Progressive. In 1933 the communist Party said they would have to change there name to something less scary. They chose Progessive. Its not about power or money anymore. Its about control. They have the money and power. If you havent noticed. Our gov. is not for the people anymore. They have switched to against the people. They are boiling the frog until….Push, shove, shoot is the motto. What was that black communist kicked out and now working behind the scenes. I forget his name. Bamma friend…he said if we cannot get what we want(though the changing of the laws) we will get it from the end of a barrel of a gun. yes it is true. Said in this administration that is now full of communists and Muslums. Our country has been taken over. Most just do not no it yet. Its true. Its biblical and is now!

  11. Push Shove Shoot. WE are getting to the shoot part. Maybe the next chosen President for us (hillary) will bethe shoot part. Modern day Progressis she calls herself. Its another name for communist. Dark days ahead. Its about contoll. They have all the money and Power. Our Gov has been hyjacked and most don’t even realize it. Its not Conservative vrs. Liberal. Its Progressive and OWO you must worry about. Laws have been changed. They are boiling the frog and Then….they are comeing after you…you Law abiding Citezens. These are who they hate. Us old people who still believe in a Constitutional America. Oh but that old worn out document is just in the way…for Now. Pray. Pray Pray becouse what is coming is so horrific…no revalution. A takeover. Just watch and see. we have no power. They do. Its about control. They no better for you and me.

  12. We are ALL to blame. As citizens we keep electing the same POS over and over again. Liberal, conservative, whatever. We have become so lazy and spoiled we don’t even want to make decisions for ourselves. But, now that someone wants to take something away from us, everyone is up in arms. The politicians only do what we allow them to do. If you want to do something about what’s going on try voting for once in your life and letting Congress know you’re unhappy. Then, and only then do you have a right to complain. If not, then you have no right complaining. Bickering amongst ourselves is what they want us to do. It distracts us from the real issues. I’m not saying don’t prepare for what might be ahead of us, but let’s not jump the gun either. That’s what has people thinking we’re wackos.

  13. Republicans have done this!!…democrats have done this!! It doesn’t matter what rich sucker we elect they don’t give a SHIT about you. They are all owned by the same companies, look up who donates their money and you will know who they work for… HUGE CORPORATIONS have done this and WE have done this while we sit around being terrorized by our own government “terrorism -the use of violence and threats to INTIMIDATE or coerce, especially for political purposes.” so they can take our rights away one at at time in the interest of “national Safety” More people are killed by PEANUTS every year then guns, but we don’t talk about making peanuts illegal…wouldn’t the world be a safer place? “Those who sacrifice freedom for security will find they have neither” -Benjamin Franklin

  14. Does anyone know the name of this woman that used the plants to treat her diabetes? A relative of mine has it and I was wondering how she did it.

    • Denise Morrison is her name (look way up at the top of the page). Juniper helps; so does gymnema sylvestre (aka meshashringi, gurmar, merasingi, & periploca of the woods). Get alpha lipoic acid and have your aunt take 600 mgs. daily (200 mgs, 3x daily) to restore her CNS from neuropathy. She needs boswellia to calm inflammation, and octocosonal to help her brain (which is the root bulb of the CNS) heal from damage. It takes consistent, faithful work (& elimination of sugar and refined carbs and glutens), but she can get well.

  15. And by the way, you should really quit worrying about “who caused what?” and start worrying about “how am i going to get through this.” because i can tell you right now it doesnt matter if youre a liberal or a conservative when shit hits the fan. Start acting as a human being. Not a party member. There isnt going to be a USA anymore. No more liberal party, no more right wing party. start using your time to prepare yourselves.

  16. The only answer to such bullshit is an AR15 and a rocket launcher and a team of 20 in a mideval style castle with one of each to defend the land.

  17. You see, this is why you’ve also got to fight in the Spirit. You personally forgive the individuals (they’re under demonic control); pray for them and pray in the Spirit (this is important to do); and then look at what they’ve been attacking and why, and pray against their purposes and agendas, decreeing the elements to turn against them. (For example, when they deny children water to drink and bathe in a city, pray and decree that the waters rise up and destroy the city. Another example: when they take your land and resources and food, you decree their economy and currency is destroyed, their land is smitten by comets, asteroids and volcanoes, and their foods die on the vine & hoof by drought, intensive heat & pestilence. You decree that their hidden foods, even though dehydrated & vacuum packed, all be destroyed and rotted.) You fight back in the Spirit, from Whom they cannot hide.

  18. On a happier note, remember the tribulation will be short (a bit over 7 years, and under 8 yrs. It will commence w/the signing of the interim peace agreement by Israel (that’s going to happen extremely soon). This period of time will feel really long, because it’ll be terrible beyond anything humans have experienced prior to this, but at the end of it, Jesus returns and sends all these creeps to Hell.

    Jesus says we’ll ALL have our own gardens, and there will be NOBODY who will make any of us afraid. And though He allows the nations who’ve offended us to continue on for a bit, if they act out and refuse to obey, they’ll get NO RAIN … that’s after almost 4 yrs. of no rain, prior to His return … so if they want to eat or drink anything, they’ll have to obey. And if they want plants to heal themselves with (from the plagues He sends upon the disobedient, to convince them to straighten out their behaviors), they’ll have to obey. If they continue refusing, they’ll die and go to Hell, like the wicked people Jesus sends there, when He returns.

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