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Woman’s Survival Garden Seized and Destroyed by Authorities

Survival GardenA woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma is suing the city’s code enforcement teams after they illegally cut down her entire survival garden. Denise Morrison, who started the garden after becoming unemployed, had over 100 medicinal and edible plants in her front and back yard.

She told local Tulsa reporters that she started her garden after becoming unemployed as a way to feed herself and treat a variety of medical issues. Instead of relying on government handouts, this woman took matters into her own hands and decided to become self-sufficient. She filled her yard with things like, fruit trees, berries, nut trees, and a wide variety of edible and medicinal herbs. She used these herbs to treat her diabetes, high-blood pressure and arthritis.

Is the Self-Reliant Lifestyle Now a Crime in America?

All her hard work ended when the local code enforcement team showed up to her house and forcibly removed her entire survival garden. before after code enforcment teamMorrison says that she tried to explain how everything in her yard followed the local code enforcement rules. You see, she had problems with these people in the past and this time she was determined to do things by the book.

She obtained the local ordinances and followed every rule to the tee. She made sure that everything in her garden had a purpose, and that her garden looked its best at all times. Local ordinances stated that no plant could be over 12-inches tall unless they were being used for human consumption.

Morrison made sure every plant in her garden could be eaten, but that didn’t matter to the city. They could care less about what the law actually said; they were determined to take out her garden. “Every word out of their mouth was, ‘we don’t care’.” Morrison said.

Over 100 plant varieties were removed by the code enforcement team, leaving her with no way to feed or medicate herself. They took almost everything, including a number of her fruit and nut trees. She told local reporters in Tulsa, “I came back three days later, sat in my driveway, cried and left.”

Government Crack Down on Liberty

Uncle Sam Propaganda PosterWhile this case is extremely sad, it’s also becoming more and more common throughout the country. From “nuisance abatement teams” that have been forcing Off-Griders in California to hook back into the grid, to the heartbreaking story of Andrew Wordes who took his life after code enforcement teams seized his home, this country is making it harder and harder for self-reliant people to live on their own land.

While some dismiss these cases as localized issues, I believe they’re part of a larger movement to control anyone who dares to live a self-reliant lifestyle. I think evidence of this can be seen in the federal government’s attempts to regulate small farms out of existence, their use of the EPA to seize private land, the formation of the Department of Homeland Security’s Green Police Force, their attempts to seize control of the Great Lakes, oceans, and waterways, and their use of organizations like The National League of Cities to take control of local governments.

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  1. Gab

    What ever happened to the government wanting you to settle land.

    • Pete

      Oh didn’t you hear? It’s replaced by big corporate lobbyists who force the government to force you to rely on them. Time to burn it all down and start over!

      • Waffle dog

        That’s how it goes, man. First it’s corruption, then it’s revolution, then a time of peace, and repeat. It’s about time for a revolution I think, but remember, “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.”
        -Che Guevara

        • Elizabeth

          How are Liberals the cause of this?

          • jc

            Wait a minute. Who said anything about liberals?

          • DK

            Liberals, nor Obama have anything to do with it. Part, actually a huge part of the problem is the “Citizens United” case in which the Supremes decided on the side of the mega corporations. All those Justices are arch-conservatives.

            Please don’t think it’s “liberals” right off the bat. Most of this countries problems have been started because of the conservatives.
            If you don’t believe me start with the repeal of “Glass-Steagall”, that was started by a Republican in the Senate and it has gotten us into this mess.

          • mrbenz7

            Liberals have done this because crony capitalism is rampant especially in the Obama Administration! Corporate lobbyists are using the EPA to destroy your civil rights and one of those is self sustainability. Out of the Ten richest members of Congress, Seven of them are Liberal Democrats who are heavily invested in corporate lobbying in order to get Government funds also known as taxpayer dollars! This is the biggest reason that Liberal Democrats are so busy blaming Citizens United and Conservative Republicans because most people will not look deep into the issue. Conservatives in General want you to be able to be self sufficient! Self Sufficiency is the very core of Conservatism itself. Taking away your Rights to be able to feed yourself and be self sufficient is the very purpose of overburdensome regulations. This was planned out in 1992 with the introduction of the United Nations Agenda 21. It is highly suggested you read up on just what Agenda 21 does! It not only removes the sovereign power of the United States and it’s citizens, it destroys and criminalizes those trying to be more self sufficient!!!

          • underdog1942

            LIBERAL is a victim and slave to be of a man who is not even a citizen of this country

          • HalligatorEnter your name...

            Both sides work for the same corporations.

        • Gryphone Moor

          “But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow”

          Beatles, Revolution

          • David

            Republican conservatives have created these problem they have stripped us of constitutional rights you remember “The Patriot Act” And the ” National Defense Act” all bad ideas the public bought into out of fear of terrorist attacks. These Republican sponsored acts took away many right you had as an American Citizen and gave these organizations the power to do the things that they are doing. The only thing conservative about these Republicans is not helping the poor only the wealthiest of the rich. get your head out of the sand and see them for what they really are . All politicians are bad but Republicans are worst than most. I use to be a Republican till I started to really look at what they were really doing to this country.

        • theabyss

          If you are going to quote someone don’t pick Che, he was a Marxist and a mass murder. This i snothing compared to what he and the Cubans did and are doing all over the world

          • Henry

            A good quote’s a good quote, regardless of who said it. To illustrate my point, read the quote again, pretending it was said by a Libyan rebel.

          • Daniel

            What is wrong being a Marxist? Marx was great, great ideas, coming up for the working class, informed the society about how capitalism is not ‘the’ answer. Don’t blame Marx for other people ‘raping’ his ideas..

          • Ken

            Marx was a mass murder

          • jeremiah

            to american indians, every founding father and subsequent US president was a mass murdered, liar, thief and hypocrite. does this mean that everything they said and did should be tossed? to every afghan, iraqi, iranian, palestinian civilian victim of us shock & awe policies, im sure they share your opinion about uncle sam. every time you point your finger, there are 3 pointing back at you

          • Warrior

            Which Marx?… Harpo, Groucho, or Zeppo??????

        • paul

          i want to know when this revolution is going to start, and who is going to lead it

          • sheep

            No one person or group has control over you only you yourself can make your legs move anyone who follows in suit with the government has the free will to do so. I have faith that their is more good in the world then bad. The righteous shall prevail as it always has. The cycle of life.

      • ryan


        • bobbie

          marxist you have to ask why a marxist is bad
          really? not good they want every one to be on the same page


    • David

      Yes now they want the corps to settle the land. We’re now the “Indians” apparently.

      • Amy E.

        Yep…Russel Means said it several years ago. “We’re all Indians now. Welcome to the reservation”.

        • Dan G

          Russel Means is my hero, a real man!

          • Terry

            I think I’ll write him in a my choice for President. Not only would he set this country on the right path, it would just be “Poetic Justice”.
            Put the current leaders of this country on the “Reservations”.

        • TrueB

          First of all White man came here and took land that was never theres to take! That is the way it needs to go so you can just maybe feel like us!!!!

      • Michelle

        I am not native American. And I tell you this is national karma. We couldn’t do it to one people without doing it to ourselves. If the no complacent people of this society would band together with the natives. We might be able to make a difference. But we will have to humble ourselves first.

        • Chris


          Were you born in America? If the answer is yes then you are a Native American as you are native to America. It doesn’t matter where your ancestors are from, the question is where are YOU from.

          And just so you know, there are several “Native American” leaders that flat out threatened to disown their own if they were to try and meld with the “White Man.” It is a two-way street and all cultures are to blame for the seperation between cultures.

          I’m so sick of all of this PC BS going through this country. While they might not be true Indians (as they obviously aren’t from India like was originally thought), they are no more native to this country than anyone else who was born here. Same goes for “African-Americans” “Asian-Americans” etc. We’re all AMERICANS (only a small percentage of these people were even born outside of America) and the sooner we can realize that and quit segregating ourselves the better it will be for our country.

          • Debra

            Thank you Chris!!

          • Chris S.

            Very well explained my friend!!

          • jeremiah

            lol…typical ignorant opinion. let me ask you: have you ever even read the declaration of independence? because it doesnt sound like you have and if you have then you need to go back and read it again until something sinks in. “american indians” are the ONLY rightful inhabitants of this land. they are indigenous to this land and are the ONLY people to have continuously occupied these lands for at least 30 – 40,000 years. when our ancestors in europe were running around in caves, american indians were building their civilizations here based on earth based ethics and TRUE independence and FREEDOM. they didnt have an aristocracy like our stupid weak servant ancestors did bc they believed in independence from rulership. second of all, you need to learn some humilty. if i go into your house with a gun, kill more than half your family, rape your daughters, steal your food and claim your house is now mine because i was a degenerate thief and murderer and i decide you are now a jeremiahn instead of a whatever the hell you are, then by all rational rules of human decency i would hope to god you would resent that and resist it….just as the american indians have resented it and resisted it. declaration of independence: mans obligation and duty to resist tyranny.

          • Dan McKenzie


            A little class goes a long way.

    • mark

      She has more self control than I do, I would have shot the first one that touched it. Then hunted his boss down. Constitution says fight tyranny forien and domestic. In case you don’t know it MONSANTO is behind all the food stuff and has the government in it’s pocket. We must stand our ground or this will be a 3rd world communist country just like dictator Obbummer wants.VOTE HIM OUT.

      • Kathy Trudeau

        Mark, I understand the frustration, but if memory serves me, I believe that Oaklahoma is controlled by the Republican Party and not Our duly elected President Obama. If you need to blame someone for Oaklahoma gesatpo actions you are angry with the wrong Party….Just Sayin :)

        • Pat Kenny

          Maybe but tulsa has a democrat for mayor and council. In my state, the governor or the legislature does not bother with gardens in ladies yards meant to sustain life. Obama, duly elected or not, we the people, had to take what people such as you elected. More of the “say one thing do another.” Say NO to 3rd world commies. You Too!

          • treehood

            Pat, I wish I could confirm that the Tulsa mayor is a D but I’m sorry to say he’s a R. But that is not really of significance because of the lack of info in this report. Tulsa politics seems to like the rest of the country, very confrontational. This story will play out and end the end we can decide. I’ve read a little bit more about it but most reports seem to be based only on the original story. I also posted another comment on this story but this site owner chose not to publish it. I’m not sure why.

          • Anna

            The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t matter if they are Reb. or Dem….they are all on the same page, they are just playing “good cop, bad cop”. The Elite are trying to weed out the “cattle” so they can have more. This is a conspiracy from Satan himself using human agents. But the Creator is still in control and this world is in it’s last days of history…

          • swoop1111

            For those who have sadly not figured it out yet. The republicans & democrats are all the same prostitutes just hooking on different corners with wealthy corp. sponsored lobbyists throwing cash at them. The 2 party system is a distracion for the working class (the 99%) & entertainment for the 1%. The system has become totally corrupt. Time for folks to see the real problem and start opening their minds to a need based economy. People need to rally around each other when something like this happens. This womans neighbors friends etc should have been ot there filming protesting planting there own survival gardens. Im in nyc and know my neighbors would.

          • kelly nutt

            Actually, the mayor is a republican. I live near Tulsa.

        • DK

          Thank you!

          Monsanto has been a nightmare since before the President was born. They have been steadily moving in on family farms for decades. How is it his fault when we were all in diapers?

          • Lee

            Monsanto? Oh yes, how dare we plant our heritage crops next to those genetically altered, chemical laden crops and contaminate them with our clean natural way of farming.

          • Mari

            And on 3/28/2013, our great savior Obama signed into law that Monsanto can pretty much do what it wants w/o legal recourse. GMO seed can now be planted virtually anywhere in the country.

        • amanda

          Okay. First of all, both Democrats and republicans are owned by the same bastards. Our government is run by a bunch of anti-human idiots who all just need to go blow themselves up for a change, instead of forging terrorist groups and collaborating with other countries to try and depopulate the world. Wake up people, and look deeper into the story, because this is only the tip of the iceberg. there’s much more ugly stuff the government is hiding from us, and pretty soon, it’s going to come to light. but we all need to work together to make that happen.

          • sheep

            Couldn’t have said it better

      • Nekko

        First off, quit trying to talk big. If you shot anyone, regardless of your misconceived notion of ‘ownership’, they would haul your redneck ass to jail for assault, assault with a deadly weapon, murder, and more charges. Second, the constitution is outdated and of little value. We need to burn it and what we have going to the fucking ground and start anew. Third, quit ragging on Obama you ignorant hick. Do you have any idea how much power the president has? Next to none. He has to constantly dodge and juggle everything from budget and spending, appeasing foreign powers, minding political rivals, worrying over public opinion, and having ‘advisers’ breathing down his neck all the time, pushing bills in front of him and saying “You need to sign these or else this terrible thing will happen”, and when he eventually gets to put any feasible plan he had into motion, it’s a shell of its former self, and then ignorant blow-hards like yourself give him a hard time because he’s trying to build a castle with broken matchsticks.

        Ease off you pretentious fool, you’re just making this country worse with your hatred.

        • Jake

          once you mentioned burning the Constitution…that changed things. If you are not completely off your rocker, you shouldn’t be talking like that. Don’t you know that automatically turns off the average U.S. Citizen?….let alone who is left from the WWII era?….I’m not telling you if I’m Right or Left…however, don’t talk that way….your Mom wouldn’t approve either.

        • deb

          our constitution is never outdated it was made for all true americans if u want to live in this country then u should believe in this country i live in a small town people here rely on growing there own food etc. where do you think all that food you buy in stores comes from farmers your the idiot our government has been depleting our farm land for some time paying farmers not to farm it maybe our food prices wouldnt be so high and maybe all these lazy ass people would get off there asses and grow some themselves we could save the country millions of dollars in welfare hell they go on vacations buy garbage for there kids to eat no wonder so many are over weight i know of 20 families who have internet big screen tvs cell phones all the not necessities in life and on welfare free medical who can run to the doctor everytime one of there kids get the sniffles thats crap and who pays for that oh but lets incourage these lazy people to stay on it and all these people who are on social security my neighbor 21 yrs old been on it for years rides his bike all the way in to town 15 miles rides around town then back home he cant work bull shit then the ones who are disabled worked all there lives are denied and have to fight for it then people who bust there asses everday going to work we need to stop giving handouts there are jobs out there put them to work im with the other guy

          • robert jones


        • Richey

          You will never get the people to stand together and over throw a corrupt government today. They dont care until they loose their PC, xbox, or whatever keeps them isolated from the world. Our founding fathers would be sick that we the people gave away what so many of them died to give us.

          • sheep

            Right majority of us today wouldn’t know how to wipe or a·· if we couldn’t by toilet paper. That’s what they want total dependency it is now illegal for me to collect rain water and to grow a garden in my backyard. Mi. To live off the land even if you still pay taxes. If ANYONE OWNES PRIVATE LAND YOUR JUST RENTING IT. LOOK INTO A LAND PATENT SUPPOSEDLY it’s to make your land yours 100% even if you fail to pay property tax. Research it yourself.

        • Sue

          Why the name calling? Name calling falls on deaf ears. You think you have all the answers? I think not. I do think we are in for a real ruff ride these next 4 years. Just saying ( with out name calling )

        • Hugh

          That’s just the problem Obummer wants to be the king in his castle

        • Debra

          One word…uneducated!!

        • Will.

          The Constitution is not the problem. The problem is the last 60 years Liberals have attacked and nullified much of the good in it in a misguided attempt to make everybody the same (ie. socialism). And personally, I think Liberals are pervasive in both parties. That why I call myself a conservative.

        • Jack

          First, You do realize that you are taking up for man who is tring to impose a more socialist form of government onto our country. Second, the original constitution of the United States of Americawill never grow outdated because it was built on principles that wil not be out dated. Third, quit talking about rednecks like that, this red neck uses better gram met than you.

        • James

          “Do you have any idea how much power the president has? Next to none.”

          Really? Obama doesn’t seem to agree with you. After all (and according to him) he has “..a pen…and a phone…”.

        • blowitoutyourass

          Talk about hateful…judge others by yourself! Learn to read, it seriously damages your ignorants. You might actually learn that demancraps are just KKK in suits and always have been. Only now they’re not satisfied with just the black race, they’re going for the whole human race. He who controls the food and water controls the people! Grow up!

      • alex

        Exactly. It is all connected with the New World Order#Chemtrails#HAARP#Project Bluebeam#Monsanto. There is now a HAARP location on long island. Do not vote Obama into a second term, vote for Romney. You must educate yourself about the other side of the government. Peace and Happiness-Alex H.

    • MaryAnn

      It is all about UN Agenda 21. Please look it up and learn to fight it in your community.

      • PatrickEB

        That’s true. Agenda 21 seeks to improve people’s control over their environment, increase ecological sustainability, allow people to grow their own food, support the ri…

        Okay, sorry. Nope, nothing there. It’s all about helping people do EXACTLY what this woman has been doing.

        Please read some facts before writing.

        • Alex

          Please do not lie; it does not seek to improve people’s control over their environment, increase ecological sustainability, allow people to grow their own food. It does the exact opposite.

          • Alex H

            Whatever you do, do not get the flu shot. No matter what the mainstream media tells you, it is part of agenda 21 to give you viruses, and sicknesses.

          • tom-a-hockey

            I agree with Alex H. Please do not get your flu shot. I can’t wait to see you smug bastiches suffer.

            A21 was a sincere attempt at figuring out how to allow people to survive the political storms that take away their food and water and make it available for everyone. Only some selfish bastiches (see above) think that they should never have to sacrifice on someone else’s behalf because they are willing to kill to preserve that right which others killed for in their name.

    • Julie

      Wake up folks. This is called Agenda 21 and it’s a mandate from the U.N. The U.S. government is on board and they want your land and you life. You will be herded like cattle in to high rise living quarters in just a few areas of the country allowed to be populated. You will work at a government assigned job and if you rebel, you will disappear. Look it up. It’s all documented on the UN website. The Pretender is signed on and most major cities across this country are implementing these regulations. If you don’t go to city council meetings or vote to dislodge these people, it will come to war sooner than you think.

      • alex

        Right. NWO. Exept Iceland threw off the bankers (agenda 21) which they are not are a part of. The bad part is they still are spraying chemtrails in the sky. Project bluebeam is all over the world ( satellites, ships, antenna receivers, and spew planes.

    • J.M.A.

      This seems to be the norm in our new government. The new constitution will probably be something like,We the gov., for the gov.,of the gov.,for Obama,by Obama,aka Hitler and on and so on etc. The Oath of Office that each President takes,ends in So help me God. Not in so help me,me or allah,or anything else. It specificly acknowleges God. What our countries values were founded upon. Lets get back to basics before God turns his back on our country and it folds like so many before. A thought,Adolf Hitler in his brief time as a dictator, all but concurred the world.And if he had listened to his generals,he probably would have. Our government isn’t a dictatorship yet,but with certain things falling in place it could be in a very short time.Each of us must do our part before its to late.Even if it’s writing something like this to try and motivate others to get thier head out of the sand and open thier eyes to whats happening around them. Look up smell the stink around you and question the leaders over and over until they figure out that “We the people”, are still going to fight for our liberties even if all we have is our bare hands. And yes, I resent having to use my e-mail to give our gov. the ability to track me when I speak my mind. So much for freedom of speech.

      • Alex

        Also research GWEN stations in the U.S.. They are disguised as trees and cellphone towers, and can mind control large populations, even in basements. They can track you without a chip, just with your individual brain frequencies. And those white streams in the sky( you think its a contrail or ignore it), no its a steam of chemicals and metals like aluminum, barium, and strontium. Educate people and do your research. I am just a kid, but please spread the awareness.

    • ryan

      We are almost a corporate ran socialist economy look at Germany and Austria in the 1940’s, granted they weren’t corporate ran. Our government has made and is continuing to make the vary same decisions of a lesser gov. fueled by greed and we will be who pays. Wait they will want your gun too

    • Lana

      NDAA act says it all.

    • Phillip Trent

      It’s just the anti-Christ spirit that is already at work making sure no one can make it without taking the mark in the future! Give credit where credit is due! Anti-Christ strikes again, but Christ wins!

    • Col

      That was back when they were on a different agenda – getting the land from..? You guessed it. Now the agenda has changed.

    • Mark

      You know, this stuff might just stop if the names of all those involved were published. People tend to think twice about what they believe in and what they do when they might be required to defend there ideas. The overreach by various individuals that seems to be occurring is probably going to be put down at some point.
      The question is…. will it occur while enough real citizens are left standing to join the cause..Is there anyone left who actually believes in something that they believe is worth dying for….

      But that leaves the millions who are willing to cry and whine about it instead of stepping up and doing something about it. Where are the neighbors of this woman….the people who actually have some inside information (if any) – people who have a voice in the community…shame on you for remaining silent if this is as reported and not blown way of context by those who also have an axe to grind in an effort to bring chaos to our front doors before it needs to.

      You all know the governments actions during Katrina..l.”we’re here to help”.

      But if enough are serious about putting fear in those who are bent on taking away freedoms and forcing more government programs down their throats…all 20% of the population has to do is quit showing of for work…Bring America’s elite to it’s knees by being quiet about a stoppage in production….but first stand up for those in need who are being overrun.

  2. Dinah

    God-damn Oklahoma, what do you expect from a right wing state: right wingnuts.

    • Oklahoman

      Congratulations, you’ve made the most ignorant comment on here today.

      • Earle L. Bailey

        Really? As someone born and raised in Oklahoma, and who has lived in well over half the States in the Country, I can say Oklahoma is the most åss-backward State I’ve seen. I left there as soon as I figured out we were free to leave, and I’ve never looked back.
        But, this kind of thing is happening EVERYWHERE!

        • David

          I enjoyed Tulsa, nice place, laid back. You call it right wing, I thought it was pretty middle of the road.

        • sue

          noooo illinois is.

        • DK

          Really I thought it would be here in Mississippi? There are some damn dumb people being allowed to procreate – Yikes!!!

    • mikeb

      “God-damn Oklahoma, what do you expect from a right wing state: right wingnuts.”

      What was your major? Stupidity? You obviously don’t know anything at all about political theory or thought. It’s the left (your people) who believe in government control of the individual. That includes all the totalitarian movements: Fascism, Communism, Nazism, Socialism, Progressivism, and Liberalism. Only YOU tyrants know what’s best for the people, and any challenge to YOUR authority is met with actions such as described in the article, or worse. Don’t forget (oh, screw it, you never learned it) that Lenin saw Mussolini as a model to emulate, and Stalin considered Hitler a soul mate until Operation Barbarossa.

      • Kathy Trudeau

        Mike, Being Democrat is not “Stupid”. You must have guessed by now that NONE of our Politicians OR “We the People” are NOT in control of ANYTHING anymore. You can blame what is happening in American to Wall Street Bankers who screwed up the whole system so darned bad it CAN’T BE FIXED as long as They are continuing to play Bakers Casino Royal with EVERYONES IRAs and Houusing etc. You may not like it, but the proof is in the pudding. during the past 14 years all important safe guards that protected us from their unethical behavior was thrown out and the result has been chaos and pain for everyone but them. If you really believe we need “less” government I challenge you to an experiment…spend an intire day with 1 child under the age or 10…..then spend the next day with 2…then spend the next day with 3… bet is that by the time you get to 5 kids under 10 you will wish you had more yous…..and so it is with ANY society…..the more the population grows the more we need in the way of services and programs to keep up with the things that happen to our fellow americans….If someone wants to take over America and turn the average person into a surf the first have to divide us, unarm us, and divert attention away from what they are doing….I am only 61 but I can tell you that the extremly wealthy in this country have bought ALL the Politicians and they are attempting to divide us from each other and we all have to be smarter than them….lets not sling mud and call names…leave that for the crooked politicians. Instead lets all talk about how we can do things that will keep us under the government radar and keep our families feed and safe…..I’m willing if you are? What do ya say? Can we all work together?

        • aaran

          Kathy, you haven’t the slightest idea what you are talking about. The government also created the financial crisis through its regulation. The government created the policy that made home ownership a national priority. The government created the two largest mortgage companies in the world. The government regulators overseeing the world’s two largest mortgagage companies forced the companies to loan more and more money to people with ever lower credit ratings. As the government also made sure the two largest mortgage companies could not actually create their own mortgages, they had to buy those loans from someone else. That someone else was banks and brokerage firms. So the government created the two largest mortgage companies in the world, told them they had to loan increasing amounts of dollars into people wioth ever ower credit scores, and then pur them in the position that they were forced to buy them from someone. Furthermore, the government gave these companies a direct line of borrowing from the Treasury making it virtually impossible for any free market to develop as it was almost impossible to compete against fannie mae and freddie mac. So, here fannie and freddie have to buy subprime loans, and the banking and brokerage system was incentivized to create the loans because they knew fannie and freddie were a captive audience and had to buy them. That is what caused the run up in real estate prices, and the subsequent collapse. The deregulation of banking had virtually nothing to do with the economic collapse, but government intervention and manipulation of the market … government incentivizing unhealthy behavior … government mandating policy that made no economic sense … that caused the run up and teh collapse. Blaming wall street would be like telling a 5 year old that he could eat anything and everything in the candy shop as long as he wanted … and then turning around and blaming the kid for getting cavities and being fat.

          • JD

            It is the kid’s fault if he screams and pulls a fit, then PAYS YOU to let him do it.

          • jokelahomie

            So blaming gov’t, that inept collection of toadies and fatcats of being able to accompish ANYTHING without the generous support of thousands of lobbyists who represent PRIVATE BUSINESS buying all of the regulations they want to discourage their competitors… that would be a liberal thing? It’s called capitalism in the textbooks.

        • tomthumb

          I’m not sure I understand what you are saying Kathy. On one hand you speak of the need of government handouts and on the other you want to fly below the government radar. Typical. Wow. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        • Crystal

          Bravo Kathy. Well said. I agree.

        • Mindy

          OK THEN!!! This is precisely why I want off the grid, and live FAR AWAY from the screaming bitter political talk.. Whatever bit you people, I want none of it. WOW!

      • Sunny

        well said.

    • GB

      as an Independent , I can tell you that you need to take some political lessons of some sort. Everything that has been underlined and in “red” is ALL from the left. As for a city ordinance , has nothing to do with an affiliation to certain political groups or views…most of them are voted in from a Committee whose view should be bi-partisan or neutral. So I would suggest you to stop watching or listening to those left wing brain washing “machines” ..and educate your self .

      • At

        You’re wrong…

        • GB

          prove it …dont act like a brainless liberal ..just prove it .

      • jakem

        political lessons really GB politics are whats wrong with the world today and anyone who would argue about politics is buying right into it all

      • Alex

        I agree GB. I think people should stop being brainwashed by the mainstream media and stand up to make a difference together. Again, I am just a kid but I know my information.

    • Mick

      Hey idiot, check who is in power and driving this, yep that’s right a Democrat, Left Wing Environazi, jobs for the boys LEFTARD.

    • Abracadabra

      I think that what most of you don’t realize, is that we are all getting played. And you all are playing right along to the tune that the ptb like. Divide and Conquer! The Bush Admin. is the same as the Obama Admin. just different players ran by the same elitists. They do not work for we the ppl, they work for the bankers and the corporations. And all you want to do is squabble about which side is right. Creates anger amongst none other than the people. I don’t see any politicians or bankers losing their jobs. They call the shots they own you, and you all are letting them get away with it. You ppl need to wake up and stop believing in the almighty boob tube, which is dumbing down ppl at ever angle. Remember truth is stranger than fiction. But as long as you continue to fight with each other, remember they win. Come together as One People and believe me, this world would change quickly.

      • Anna

        That is a good deal of it in a nutshell…it is a certain group who own and manipulate almost the entire world and they have one god whom they serve…and it is NOT the God of Heaven…some deep study would be advisable for us all…this controversy is not man against man, but ultimately, Good against evil…There is a wonderful book called the Great Controversy. Excellent information and reading!

      • Lorena

        Yes, you are right. That is why I say I refuse to be a sheep.

        • JD

          You refuse to be a sheep, but agree that you all need to stand together as one to defeat the enemy…like a sheep? You are aware that’s why they’re in herds, right? To protect themselves? TAKE LESSONS FROM THE SHEEP!

          • jon

            sounds to we should be more like a pack of ” WOLVES “

          • (0^0) jafo

            first thing,sheep don’t protect themselves, the sheephreder does, the second, the sheep pick& follow alead sheep usualy a female or yew, if the S.H. walks the yew one way the others follow hence the term sheepherder…so pick one to follow. P.S.right on jon

    • Cecil

      Its got nothing to do with Dem. or Rep. Right or Left
      Black or White ; what it’s all about is being a smart or stupid
      Caring or not caring , whether or not you want to or can think for yourself
      And make your own choices and be responsible for your own choices and actions
      Or if you need somebody else that thinks they know more than you do about you and your family , telling you what you can Do or say or grow or eat or drink or what you can carry or own to protect yourself and family. Nobody should ever have the right to tell you that as long as you are an American. I’m Pro-life
      Pro-freedom Pro-Christian Pro- neighbor Pro-friend Pro-family Pro-gun
      Pro- brotherly love Pro-Constitution Pro-flag and By-God Pro- American
      And if a person that is supposed to be an American can’t see or understand
      Common sense and logic , then that just makes them a pitiful fool. !!!

      • together

        very good cecil i dont care if our president is purple with pink pola dots as long as hes for this countrywe should have the right to defend feed grow say and do as we wish as long as it isnt hurting noone else i pray that this evil world we live in would turn around maybe this world needs a major turn around for people to wake up maybe the myans are right we will see it soon enough

  3. Lori

    stupid small gov’t power hungry idiots…really does anyone have a conscience any more? What is the world coming to?

    • bryon

      an end.

      • Anna

        Bryon is entirely correct!

  4. Kelli

    Its the end days! Whether you believe biblically that its the end times, or the mayans, or even zombies. OUr days on this earth are limited :( If the government doesnt take us out we will surely take each other out till there are none left. Praying…all i can say is praying! God Bless!

  5. Jane

    this crap infuriates me..then if this poor woman winds up homeless they’ll [the city thug pimps, hos that is] will either traffick her through Mental health [kill her, just like the Nazi psyche’s did prior to the camps, WWII] or they’ll traffick her through private corporate Prisons [sex slave camps-sweatshops till she’s dead] or they’ll jail her for being poor and homeless…

    what Women and survivalists need to do, hate to say it, is sign up to aid North Korea or some other hostile nation because face it people, the Amerikkkan Six Reich Luciferian gov has declared WAR ON US ALL,

    we either start to fight back, commit mass suicide or wait for them to kill us all.

    And the sad thing is, we All know this. We just deny it. OUR government and their mafia child raping shit filth they are…ARE OUR ENEMY, THE TERRORISTS, no other way around it. It is what it is, these aren’t humans anymore, these are butchers, and you can’t reason with Butchers.

    • Dr. dave

      If it were Indiana, you could shoot those bastards as soon as they stepped on the property and the cops that came later, too. More of that might slow down this leftist Agenda 21.

      • Amy E.

        LOL “leftist agenda”. What part of “THEY ARE ALL CROOKS AND WORMY TO THE CORE” do you not understand? The media has effectively polarized the majority of the population so we fight EACH OTHER instead of THEM. get it?

  6. mollys mom

    i hope and pray that a freakin amazing lawyer hears of this and represents her and sues the fuck out of that city. they should be ashamed of themselves for what they did. make them pay her and replace her garden. i hope she got it all on video….

    • Lorena

      Do you honestly think that a lawyer is anything but another government entity? They all work with the government for the government at what ever level. It is horrible what happened to her. But suing is not the answer and will not keep it from happening to others as well. That in itself is a shame and in my eyes a crime.

      • I would sue. Meanwhile,erect a no trespassing sign and start the garden all over. And buy a shotgun so she would not miss. And load it with rock salt. And when she has to leave for a day or two call a like minded to guard the garden with the shotgun. Don’t miss.

        • (0^0)jafo

          ROCKSALT HEL-oobuck

  7. Uncle B

    Free – as defined by the government? Americans put on uniforms and were killed, maimed for this “Free”?
    “The power of authority is never more subtle and effective than when it produces
    a psychological “atmosphere” or “climate” favorable to the life of certain modes
    of belief, unfavorable, and even fatal, to the life of others.” – Arthur Balfour
    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” – Joseph Goebbels
    poor ass-hole peon thought she was “Free” by her definition of the word, right?
    Americans have little freedom but to work, go into debt, of face a cruel disenfranchisement any more.
    This is so very very sick, especially ofter we Canadians have heard all the hoopla of the great corporate American propaganda whores all these years. Poor lady. hope she lost no children in the struggle to preserve these very freedoms in the oil countries of this world.Heart-breakinf and revealing at the same time. It really is all just Bull Shiite after all.

  8. mama bear

    I didn’t see anything about the b*stards having a warrant. Where’s the warrant?

  9. Bandini


    • Lorena

      I understand what you are saying just be real sure you are willing to lose your life and those lives of the ones you love before you do that. Those will be the choices.

      • Ashley

        I am ready to fight, as are those I love.

  10. Tim

    Hmmm the land of the free as long as you do as the govt tells you and you do not do anything to hurt the profits of big business or the rich getting richer.

    I seem to recall from my history lessons these things happened in the past which resulted in those in charge ending up dead after revolutions. O that’s right its also happening today in the middle east.

  11. Todd

    Well, this is a case of bad reporting. Good reporting would have included the names and addresses of each member of the code enforcement team as well as the name and home address of each city official in position “above” said code enforcement team (police chief, city councilman, mayor). This would allow the People to respond accordingly to atrocities such as this.

    In this way persons not familiar with that system can go “lend a hand to the downtrodden” with a little retribution (which would encourage the code enforcement team to stay at home and leave everyone else alone).

    Bad reporting=no possibility for corrective action
    Good reporting=possibility for corrective action

    Corrective action fixes stupid.

    • john

      exactly TODD…then we could run our own checks on their private property..and IF we don’t like what we see …we could just go in at night and tear it all out!!!

  12. lexy

    I’M 16 years old and well….
    i was born free and will die free even if that means taking a gun to someones head.
    the way this government is now ticks me off.
    right now my family’s looking for land to buy, and i don’t care what government you work for you come on my land and your dead.
    i will follow all the law’s that i was born in to nothing more.

  13. burn the fker down

    both the right and the left wing groups have voted to take away constitutional rights. they are more interested in whos got the power up top not what happens to a garden below. i’ll probably be incarcerated and labled a terrorist by our current admin but it is time for the people to start challenging the system and staqnding up for their rights.see you when i make bail, maybee

  14. Prince Adam

    Pretty sure my alter-ego He-Man has the power… just sayin’

  15. Enter your name...


  16. Stunned aussie

    …the majority of you yanks are all losing your minds just as much as your government already has, stop arguing and band together

    • Lorena

      Well said.

  17. Just Me

    Fits perfectly into Agenda 21

  18. JPS

    I’m not at all surprised this happened in Tulsa. It has long been the most liberal area of Oklahoma. The city government wants to control everything up there.

    • JLD

      Well put my friend.

  19. JPS

    In fact it’s in the liberal dominated & controlled cities and states that you will find the most restriction on your liberties.

    • Sid S.

      Talk to me about right wing conservative George W. Bush and the Patriot Act which steps all over your inalienable rights. Do you have any clue what GATT, NAFTA and the WTO among others do to your rights? It’s not liberal or conservative, it’s both. Wake up and smell the roses.

  20. Elizabeth Martin

    What interests me is the way people like to point the “liberal” or “conservative” finger back and forth, like that does or proves something. All it proves is that the media “divide and conquer” machine is working just how the powers that be would like it to. In my lifetime, it has been the conservatives (right wing) who look the most like they want to control how others live, with their drug war, with their inability to allow people to marry who they want, with their desire to control all women’s reproduction. I am not saying the liberals know what they are doing, they are just as bought and paid for as the so-called conservatives (what exactly are those people conserving anyway? Definitely not resources), but it makes no sense to me to say the liberals are the ones trying to take away rights when it’s really actually the conservatives who want to tell everyone else how to conduct their personal business. I’m not in Oklahoma, and frankly am not educated as to what that city’s rules and ordinances are, but when you start bashing liberals for reducing freedom, you really stop making sense to me. Maybe your ideas of freedom are different from mine, but my personal bodily autonomy is pretty high on MY list of things that I should have the final say on. This article is an extreme example of other people trying to dictate how their neighbors live. We need to learn to live and let live. I don’t agree with either “party” but in a pinch I’ll go with the one which doesn’t want to control my body for me.

    • Lorena

      You are right is is not about a political party, it is about how much control the government should have over the people, and your individual rights.

    • Bill

      Thats just the thinking of whore who wants to screw whatever she can and then not be responsible for her actions if she gets pregnant. Oh I guess u think its ok to murder an innocent baby for ur sluttyness, huh. Judging by ur pic I dont know many dogs that would screw u anyway, but hey ur prbly into beastiality anyway since u want to do whatever with ur body. What freakin slut.

      • X

        So instead let the “slut” reproduce indefinitely and have her kids starve and not being taken cared of due to “sluttying around” because it’s wrong to not be pro-life?
        Every situation is different, of course. But why allow a kid to suffer like that?
        Besides, think of all the other thousands of living sperm that never become a child. Should we spare their lives because they’re so special?

  21. wendy

    There is more to this story I feel it.Because it doesn’t make sense. I cannot believe that they would remove someones garden. I would like to hear the whole story. Seems biased. Self reliance and the future of the United States is in question. I question where we are heading but I suppose it has already been set, we are pawns and we will be played out.

    • KellyinCA

      Here’s what they won’t point out to you – the woman in this case is African-American.

      I strongly suspect that this attack on her liberties occurred because of this. I don’t believe any white family’s survival garden would have suffered the same fate.

  22. carolyn mcmilian

    To: the authorities or the governament,you all need to leave this woman alone when she want to plant,it is her proptery, not your’s. youneed to learn to stop nosy on the pple ‘s proptery when they want to plants, stay off ! God will watch you(authoities, governament, city counselaor etc)for that you can’t go to paradise when die. Just leave the people alone when they want to plant garden to save the money when they were unemplyment, If I was like this woman I’ wld plant what I wanna “there is no law ” !!! God will watch you !

  23. Enter your name...Diane

    I cannot believe this. It is a nightmare come true. Who do they think they are? It seems Orwell’s 1984 is truth. My prayers are with this upstanding citizen.

  24. JPS

    I will agree that the conservatives have been part of the war on drugs. However they did not start it.
    The first laws controlling drugs was the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 under Teddy Roosevelt, a self proclaimed progressive. Its power was expanded in 1912 under William Taft, another progressive. Then a major power boost in 1914 with the Harrison Tax Act under the progressive Woodrow Wilson which restricted the sale of heroin and was quickly used to restrict the sale of cocaine as well. And let us not forget Prohibition, also brought to us by Wilson.
    The Federal Bureau of Narcotics started in 1930 under Herbert Hoover – progressive. In 1937 we have the Marihuana Tax Act under FDR. Ten there is The Boggs Act of 1951 under Harry S Truman. The progressive Dwight Eisenhower actually called it a “War on Drugs” and established the U.S. Interdepartmental Committee on Narcotics, in 1954 and the Narcotic Control Act of 1956 really got things moving along. From that point forward both sides have been actively perusing it.

    Now onto modern times, it’s the liberals that want to amend the 1st amendment to control free speech and don’t want us to have our 2nd amendment right either. It’s the liberals that want to tell us how much soda and popcorn we can have and which foods we can eat and how much. The liberals are even trying to say how many children we can have. How’s that for reproductive control? The most conservative had said in that area is don’t kill a child in the womb.

    Look at any liberal controlled area and you will find more laws controlling & restricting personal behavior. Look beyond the spin to the facts and its clear that liberals are all about control & restriction.

    Note: I have said liberal and conservative, not political party.

  25. Ami

    There is a lot of left vs right banter going on here. When will you all wake up and realize that is the back and forth that keeps you distracted from the real issue. It doesnt matter anymore, they both play for the same big government team. Let’s be more creative than republican or democrat.

  26. T3GunWorks

    Doesn’t matter. Democrat or Republican. Both parties suck… And DO NOT have your best interest at heart.
    Quit your petty bickering and blaming. Your doing exactly what they want you to do… Be divided.
    We all need to come together to fight these injustices.

    Carry on.

  27. Frank

    Pretty “B-A-D-D” Bad when a citizen can’t even grow a garden??? WTH? This is more stupid letting things like this go! The good is being pushed more to the bad…My grandparents lived out of there garden and shared–gardening was and is a way of life…this is crazy, her fruit trees to!!!

  28. PatrickEB

    From an outsiders perspective it’s weird.

    I’ve got a veggie garden (two) and have a tree that needs cutting…so?

    People in some suburbs of Australia are growing veggies in community gardens on nature strips.

    For all the paranoid and conspiracy theorist out there, Marrickville, a left-leaning electorate, previously had a Greens mayor and now has an left-leaning independent. Mosman, a primarily right-leaning electorate, has an independent mayor too.

    The answer is: educate yourself and get out and vote.

  29. Lorena

    There is a lot more going on here then people think. I myself refuse to be one of the governments sheep. Our country was founded by people who did not want to live under that kind of rule. I and my family will not be pushed but only so far and I know a few things that would make most peoples hair fall out knowing what I know. I am a law abiding citizen and a hard working one too. It is a losing battle for those who will not be lead like sheep to the slaughter.

  30. Lorena

    Ok, I am wondering why my internet browser will not let me bookmark this site?

  31. JohnInOKC

    Anyone know where exactly she lived in Tulsa, if it was public housing well she made that deal with the devil. Here in OKC, I just don’t see it. There is more than enough run down houses in both cites, that I don’t see this happening unless it was public housing. Not like all the yards in the city suburbs are perfect either.

    BTW, yes we are right wing politically, our democrats are more conservative in views than most “republicans”….we take pride in being the only state in the nation where Obummer didn’t even carry a county. However in reality, we’re just heavily armed libertarians in most cases… Mind your own business or else.

    • DeadManTalking

      “Heavily armed.” Woo-hoo! Now, there’s a bright boy. And a good shot, by golly. Don’t you forget it. Send that boy to wherever Halliburton is fighting its next war. We need the canon fodder. “Got live one over here, Roy.”

  32. Joe

    This is crazy. This is not the country that was founded just over 200 years ago where personal liberty was heavily prized.

    • Gaiamon

      Hum,a country “founded” on Guns,steel,and diseases,and the almost extermination of Native Americans and Africans,and you still think that personal liberty was heavily prized!
      Oh it was only for one group,huh!….Peaceeeeeeeeee

  33. lee

    its all about un agenda 21. the plan for one world government. google agenda 21 and prepare to be blown away

  34. Lady White Eagle

    I plan to research, locate her & offer to share my garden with her.

    • Daniel

      I think this is the only useful comment that I have seen on this discussion! Finaly somebody that isn’t arguing politics, paranoid about the u.n. or calling down wrath on obummer! I have more respect for this Lady than all of the rest of you! Why? Because she is actualy doing something to help this woman. And (here’s a shocker) she isn’t just throwing money at her. She is spending time(a much more precious commodity)! Her example should be followed.

      • Ashley

        I’m in training to become a Master Herbalist. I could help this woman find effective herbal medicines to treat her health issues. Lady White Eagle, if you find her, let me know. I can help as well.

  35. Lady Aryella

    This is disgusting! Not even going to argue what side of the coin (government) is right, wrong or to blame for the BS this woman has had to go through! If I had the exact address of this woman, I would share my medicinal herb garden’s produce, with her till this mess got resolved and reimbursed for her lost gardens!!!

  36. doesnt matter

    Everyone is arguing over this and that. How does that help anything or I help me her. If she had no illegal drugs growing in her garden and she kept it decent then ad far as I Am concerned they had no Right to tear it down. I am originally from OK and those of u bashing it, who r u to say ur state is any better. People need to start looking after each other. If not yes this world is gonna end up gone. Plain and simple. We live here because of our rights to be free. We also get poorer each day as the rich get richer. That is not hard to see and it doesn’t matter if we r republic, democratic or liberals. It is happening to all sides. I see people get state assistance that do t need it while the ones who really do can’t get it. I see businesses jack their prices higher and higher each day cause they no they can get away with it because we have to have food, necessities and gas to get to and from work. Those business do not care about us. They only care about themselves. Everyone needs to start caring about each other or evil will win. We all know that the world will end some day but that doesn’t mean we need to rush it along. The whole world needs to start working together for it and to get better. Seems like everyone wants to control everyone. There are good and evil people in this world. Has nothing to do with politics and has everything to do with how each person chooses to act. Everyone makes their own choice on what they do, say and act. I hate when people say I did it because of how I was raised or some such crap. Doesn’t matter if u werecoming raised bad or good you make your own choices to act and say the things you do. Everyone needs to start taking the responsibility on who they r and what you do. Just like people say guns kill people. NO, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.. guns don’t think, they r not alive. It is the person holding the fun that uses it.
    Why does everyone think they need to argue all the time. Most everything posted above is arguing and disagreeing. Yes that is freedom of speech but why good is it doing if it is just everyone disagreeing about everything. Yes the government now a days sucks. They don’t work for the people anymore they work for themselves. Things need to change but unless everyone can get along and stand up for what is right, nothing is gonna change. Sorry all but that is the truth. People need to grow up and be responsible.
    Good night.

  37. Blue Dog

    This story was typical of the over-reactions across the prepper world.

    Cities and towns won’t let you pull up your grass and grow crops. That has to do with property values and not hostility to prepping.

  38. louis

    You can’s say its a republican or democrat thing they all work for the same man. One day you will read a blurb in the paper or hear it on the news about a crazy man who attacked or killed some some government workers or agents who were only trying to do their job. What really happened is they came in my home without my permission trying to put me back on the grid or cut down my victory garden, in the process they probably killed my dog which was probably just barking at them. And it will never be known but I will go down in my book as a patriot refusing for my rights to be trampled on, and i will take as many of them with me as i can. my only regret is that their puppet masters were not there at the head of the line busting down my door.

  39. Judith Singer

    Does she need money to hire a lawyer to sue the city?

  40. BMarie

    this just happened to my family too, a city official showed up to our house with police every couple of days insisting that we had to follow “city codes”. Instead, we weedwacked our beautiful yard and saturated it in salt and vinegar to kill it. looks, dreadful, but if we can’t enjoy our own lawn, noone else can either. And i’ll bet they wish they had left us alone because it really is an eyesore!

  41. Displaced Yanqui

    Since they did this before at her previous residence I bet both are rental properties where the planting of gardens are prohibited and the complaint was filed by her landlord.

    • Erik

      As a landlord, I can say for myself and most of those whom I’ve conversed with we don’t give a rat’s butt what the tenant does with the yard provided that 1) The tenant keeps current on their rent, 2) They’re not obviously breaking the law (no planting pot please). That about sums it up from a landlord’s perspective. Any tenant who wants to keep up the yard care themselves reduces my expenses as a landlord if I can cancel the expensive lawn care service.

      BTW, landlords can’t call in city code enforcement for lease violations either. City code people enforce city codes, not landlord/tenant contracts.

  42. Danny Froberg

    This is really sad, government are less and less likely to follow their own rules as time passes and no one calls them on it.

  43. Welcome to Socialism

    What do you expect … We knowingly put a anti America dopper in the White House … It all kind of makes sence

  44. Larry

    taking away this womans source of food and medicine is not only not American its a crime againist humanity.. making all these codes are trying to force people to live in a box

  45. Lars Ekland

    What happened to, “Give me liberty or give me death.” We need to light a candle underneath some of these complacent slobs that allow this shit to go on.

    Tell ya what, Anyone that tries to come onto my land with the intention of destroying MY legal garden full of herbs and spices is going to either eat a bullet, a ton of buckshot, daggers, or a nice sharp hand forged arrowhead put forth with my trusty compound bow.

    I’ll go down swingin’ to protect the sovereignty of my land.

    • Hang Man1

      Amen brother.

  46. daniel

    Hello from England you can do what you want with a garden in England even if your renting, No survival gardens not allowed to use rainwater i still struggle to believe it your country not the land of the free its a highly controlled POLICE STATE, come to England our NHS will treat u for free even though your foreign and Havant got travel insurance because its the right thing to do without any hassle. THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.

    • Alex

      But your gun laws have been banned, and they are slowly taking away parts of your freedom.

  47. Safron

    This is mental illness. A bureaucrat who sits down and makes strange laws that make no sense like banning gardens is literally displaying OCD and mentally ill compulsions. The individual’s thought-distortions and psychotic compulsions causes them to want to ban gardens because they think it ruins the city block & what not. They literally have anxiety over things like gardens and their mental illness causes them to write idiosyncratic rules & enforce them. Just because a person is in a position of power doesnt mean they arent mentally ill with OCD and other idiosyncrasies. In fact, most are mentally ill. Im not kidding. They are literally mentally ill.

  48. Greg Workman

    So; Durning WW2, the government encouraged everybody was to have a Victory Garden, To help with the war effort so the metal that would of been used for food cans could go for ships, tanks rifles & other war items.. Am I missing something? The Feds want us to reduce green house gases from factories at the same time they’re pulling up plants that help clean the air we breath.. Is some one overly stupid or what?

  49. ashkenxxx

    Individuality is a threat to a multi-racial society, each person must sacrifice their genetic identity for the purpose of peace and harmony. Either go with the flow or sink to a new low.

    • Faced

      So, there’s a plurality, but individuality is a threat to that plurality… oooookay

  50. trent

    To Whom,
    Let the people be. Growing their own food will not cause harm to anyone else, Why does “big brother” need to get involved in everyone’s life?
    I thought this was a free country, Evidently not anymore. Its becoming a sad, sad place to live.
    The government is going around destroying everyone’s hard work for NO good reason at all.
    The government is the one that is allowing all kinds of bad things passed down to consumers, KILLING hundreds to thousands every year!
    You guys need to wake up and smell the coffee, This is not YOUR land. It is God’s land, And I personally can not wait til he takes it back.

  51. Robin

    It’s most likely too late by now to take our country back. They (government) have been building this for a very very long time and it has been changing right in front of our eyes. Nobody does anything because alot don’t know what to do…..While we all sit online trying to figure out what to do about the corrupt govt. It is getting much worse. Arresting people just for nothing and telling them they don’t have the right to speak, move in a certain way or have their american freedoms….This is due to our government take over by the muslim brotherhood….How better to bring your enemy down than get elected into their leader position which is what happened in Obama’s case except that the election was a fraud and nobody did anything about it when the final vote numbers came in and he won over a hundred percent of votes in many cities. Now tell me if I am wrong but isn’t it impossible to get over 100% of votes when there are only a 100% to be had?????
    We need our military to go into the government and clean them out…Congress too…They are to chicken shit to tell us what is going on….If they would just open their mouth to us then they would have millions backing them but they are too chicken of the few in our government…..

  52. Mary Ellen Staubs-Showalter

    WTH? Can’t grow a plant in YOUR yard that’s over 12 inches tall unless it’s edible? That’s just messed up. I’m So glad I live in Maryland, where we grow beautiful rose bushes and other large flowers and bushes. The black eyed susan is our state flower, and it grows pretty tall. That is the ultimate slap in the face for a woman to have her garden ripped up. And…especially when it is used for medicinal reasons.

    • i_just_live_here

      that’s just the regulation they made up to selectively enforce at whim when they don’t like somebody. Really, it’s not about the plants at all.

  53. Lorna

    Terrible behaviour. What can be done about this? Will the authorities get away with it? Sickens me, and I now considering NOT moving to the US. There are so many stories like this.

  54. mollyandausten

    I have a feeling there is another side to this story. Why are we not hearing that? I don’t believe every outlandish thing I read/hear without questioning it thoroughly.

  55. Michelle Lewis

    I have empathy for this lady & seeds to share. IF she would like to build again or is simply missing her plants, please contact me via email. This site has my permission to email in regards to this post.

  56. This is BULL!!! There needs to be a MASS movement for self-reliance but nobody would do it. People are too weak and need to depend on their $400,000 houses and SUV’s and cellphones and MONEYYYYY.
    Some people are so poor all they have is money. I would LOVE to go “off the grid” and fend for myself, I know I could. Just like that kid in “My Side Of The Mountain”. Materialism SUX!
    But on a side note, I’m hiring for my new project: Affiliate marketing! It’s referring people to sign up for things like Netflix, Gamefly, Shoebuy, “month” clubs and many more! You earn money every time someone sign up! Great for extra money. Earn up to $120 per referral and I’m even offering up to $50 cash back! gtdenterprises120 dot tk or visit my facebook page

  57. Anonymous XX

    No, this is the 9 Harbingers. We brought Isaiah 9:10 on ourselves by making among other things, “the vow of defiance” and then suffered through the Schmeeta and it isn’t over yet if we do not turn from our evil ways and re-dedicate America back to God and live our lives giving God honor and reverence instead of worthless crap that we worship in our everyday lives.

  58. It is not the Republicans, it is not only large corporations. Things like this happen because of the UN’s agenda 21.

    In fact even as far back as the Clinton era The UN had special conferences where Mayors and city officials of large were informed that if it came to a conflict, they should enforce UN regulations even if it conflicted with state and/or county laws!
    Now Agenda 21 is an extension of that philosophy originating from the UN. Do a search on Agenda 21 for yourself.

  59. Taiwo


  60. J

    This was probably her neighbors complaining about her property constantly to the police. If she truly followed the ordinances in place, shame on the police for taking such actions. But, if you live in an urbanized location you have to realize you’re dealing with other homeowners and associations and a whole bunch of other problems.
    People don’t want to live across the street from the overgrown lawn that attracts insects, rats, and other pests. They groom their lawns and maintain an image for the neighborhood. By all means, live your life off your land, just do it a little further away from the city and with more room than a quarter acre lot that your neighbors have to deal with.

  61. Sue

    My feeling about Pres. Obama is that he and his wife advocate the raising of survival gardens. This is frequently in the news.
    The city or state should have no business interfering with a persons gardening taste, unless they are neglecting the land and letting it promote the growth of noxious weeds.

  62. DLib

    You’ve all got it wrong! It’s not about Democrats, Republicans, Obama, Romney or Marx. It’s about personal freedom and personal responsibility. It’s about the UN Agenda 21. Ever read 1984?

  63. Robert Roenfeldt

    Kind of fun reading thru the comments. It weent from a woman being totally wronged to right wing, left wing, Che, Mao, Hitler, Obama ettc! No wonder we’re in the state we’re in. Nobody can stay on the subject without adding labels, race baiting, name calling etc! From what I read this woman followed every city ordinance and was punished anyway! I think she is due a big apology, have her garden replanted by the city, and food/medicine provided until it recovers!

  64. Butch Meriwether

    I hope she got a lawyer and is suing the hell out of the city, the code enforcment officers and the code enforcment department and anyone else involved in the removal of her life-food products.

  65. Paul

    There would have been blood and dead bodies everywhere. Fookin local liberal losers.

    • Faced

      “Liberal” comes across as a knee-jerk response, of which I see far too much of these days from so-called “conservatives” and “libertarians”

      If you’re going to bandy about labels, use the appropriate one: authoritarian. That’s what it’s always been, it’s just that sometimes the authoritarian happens to be “liberal” as well. No different from a conservative authoritarian.

  66. Ruth

    This is why I moved out of the city and onto a mountain with not so good access. They might try to regulate my property, after all the lead poison in their butts. No one is allowed without an invitation. I am so sorry to hear that happened in Tulsa. We Americans are in trouble.

  67. Faced

    Her location is the problem here. Her area is too developed to the point where they have aesthetic ordinances. Not a good place to be independently minded.

  68. Johno

    “Land of the free” have become words that are in the national anthem but have no meaning

  69. annoymous

    Denise Morrison I would file a police report against the individual agents, saying they trespassed on your property. File both a city and county police report. Once they went onto your property without probable cause (because they lied when they said your plants weren’t eddible), they trespassed. I would file a second police report saying they destroyed your property. Then a third separate police report stating that they harassed you. Do not worry about losing in federal court. Start with police reports, find someone to create a website blog for you to document and tell your store, and begin to build momentum behind yourself until some powerful attorneys and people, support, begins placing themselves behind you. Put up a no trespassing sign and send the story to Alex Jones. Once he hears of this he’ll flip. He has tons of media presence now. 60 minutes might be interested in this story too.

  70. Jon

    Back then they WANTED you to own land, to make money and stuff,
    so now………….
    basically the government is going reverse on this they want to own YOUR land

    couldn’t the police dudes compromise with the gardener (like sell some of her food to the market or something) apart from destroying it?

  71. stumblefoot

    OK its been a year and a half since the article was published, by now she has gone to court, anyone from Tulsa know the outcome? As most stories it got way off track, I agree she should have pressed charges of Trespassing, Destruction of private property, and as many other charges as a good lawyer can dig up. And I hope she got a good civil liberties Lawyer to defend her.

  72. jer abe

    Hello and good day! Its still leagal to be a liberal. Its suppose to be Ok to be a conservative but it isn.t. Besides all that. Right or left we have to work in the center. That is right. It is the Progressives that we have to worry about. our next chosen President. Hillary becaouse she is next. Said she is a modern day Progressive. In 1933 the communist Party said they would have to change there name to something less scary. They chose Progessive. Its not about power or money anymore. Its about control. They have the money and power. If you havent noticed. Our gov. is not for the people anymore. They have switched to against the people. They are boiling the frog until….Push, shove, shoot is the motto. What was that black communist kicked out and now working behind the scenes. I forget his name. Bamma friend…he said if we cannot get what we want(though the changing of the laws) we will get it from the end of a barrel of a gun. yes it is true. Said in this administration that is now full of communists and Muslums. Our country has been taken over. Most just do not no it yet. Its true. Its biblical and is now!

  73. inspokane

    Push Shove Shoot. WE are getting to the shoot part. Maybe the next chosen President for us (hillary) will bethe shoot part. Modern day Progressis she calls herself. Its another name for communist. Dark days ahead. Its about contoll. They have all the money and Power. Our Gov has been hyjacked and most don’t even realize it. Its not Conservative vrs. Liberal. Its Progressive and OWO you must worry about. Laws have been changed. They are boiling the frog and Then….they are comeing after you…you Law abiding Citezens. These are who they hate. Us old people who still believe in a Constitutional America. Oh but that old worn out document is just in the way…for Now. Pray. Pray Pray becouse what is coming is so horrific…no revalution. A takeover. Just watch and see. we have no power. They do. Its about control. They no better for you and me.

  74. Leah

    We are ALL to blame. As citizens we keep electing the same POS over and over again. Liberal, conservative, whatever. We have become so lazy and spoiled we don’t even want to make decisions for ourselves. But, now that someone wants to take something away from us, everyone is up in arms. The politicians only do what we allow them to do. If you want to do something about what’s going on try voting for once in your life and letting Congress know you’re unhappy. Then, and only then do you have a right to complain. If not, then you have no right complaining. Bickering amongst ourselves is what they want us to do. It distracts us from the real issues. I’m not saying don’t prepare for what might be ahead of us, but let’s not jump the gun either. That’s what has people thinking we’re wackos.

  75. Jared

    Republicans have done this!!…democrats have done this!! It doesn’t matter what rich sucker we elect they don’t give a SHIT about you. They are all owned by the same companies, look up who donates their money and you will know who they work for… HUGE CORPORATIONS have done this and WE have done this while we sit around being terrorized by our own government “terrorism -the use of violence and threats to INTIMIDATE or coerce, especially for political purposes.” so they can take our rights away one at at time in the interest of “national Safety” More people are killed by PEANUTS every year then guns, but we don’t talk about making peanuts illegal…wouldn’t the world be a safer place? “Those who sacrifice freedom for security will find they have neither” -Benjamin Franklin

  76. Jt

    Does anyone know the name of this woman that used the plants to treat her diabetes? A relative of mine has it and I was wondering how she did it.

    • cameowalkin

      Denise Morrison is her name (look way up at the top of the page). Juniper helps; so does gymnema sylvestre (aka meshashringi, gurmar, merasingi, & periploca of the woods). Get alpha lipoic acid and have your aunt take 600 mgs. daily (200 mgs, 3x daily) to restore her CNS from neuropathy. She needs boswellia to calm inflammation, and octocosonal to help her brain (which is the root bulb of the CNS) heal from damage. It takes consistent, faithful work (& elimination of sugar and refined carbs and glutens), but she can get well.

  77. Jt

    And by the way, you should really quit worrying about “who caused what?” and start worrying about “how am i going to get through this.” because i can tell you right now it doesnt matter if youre a liberal or a conservative when shit hits the fan. Start acting as a human being. Not a party member. There isnt going to be a USA anymore. No more liberal party, no more right wing party. start using your time to prepare yourselves.

  78. Benedict Reis

    The only answer to such bullshit is an AR15 and a rocket launcher and a team of 20 in a mideval style castle with one of each to defend the land.

  79. cameowalkin

    You see, this is why you’ve also got to fight in the Spirit. You personally forgive the individuals (they’re under demonic control); pray for them and pray in the Spirit (this is important to do); and then look at what they’ve been attacking and why, and pray against their purposes and agendas, decreeing the elements to turn against them. (For example, when they deny children water to drink and bathe in a city, pray and decree that the waters rise up and destroy the city. Another example: when they take your land and resources and food, you decree their economy and currency is destroyed, their land is smitten by comets, asteroids and volcanoes, and their foods die on the vine & hoof by drought, intensive heat & pestilence. You decree that their hidden foods, even though dehydrated & vacuum packed, all be destroyed and rotted.) You fight back in the Spirit, from Whom they cannot hide.

  80. cameowalkin

    On a happier note, remember the tribulation will be short (a bit over 7 years, and under 8 yrs. It will commence w/the signing of the interim peace agreement by Israel (that’s going to happen extremely soon). This period of time will feel really long, because it’ll be terrible beyond anything humans have experienced prior to this, but at the end of it, Jesus returns and sends all these creeps to Hell.

    Jesus says we’ll ALL have our own gardens, and there will be NOBODY who will make any of us afraid. And though He allows the nations who’ve offended us to continue on for a bit, if they act out and refuse to obey, they’ll get NO RAIN … that’s after almost 4 yrs. of no rain, prior to His return … so if they want to eat or drink anything, they’ll have to obey. And if they want plants to heal themselves with (from the plagues He sends upon the disobedient, to convince them to straighten out their behaviors), they’ll have to obey. If they continue refusing, they’ll die and go to Hell, like the wicked people Jesus sends there, when He returns.

  81. cameowalkin

    Also, remember that the men here are the paid puppets of very rich international and domestic corporations, rich individuals, and foreign interests. They share masonic/illuminati philopsophies in many instances, and money and power unite them. You musn’t forget these men in your prayers. Let them have it.

  82. Wesley Smith

    If Denise Morrison had been armed, this fiasco could have been prevented. I’m sure she has shovels n such to bury the bodies in addition to friends who would help dig the holes.

  83. Charles Stevens

    “Now for the rest of the story”
    I live in central OK and folowed the story as it unfolded.
    This was stricly over zelose (corupt?) code enforcement officers, the one who order the removals mother aperantly filed the complant. They removed to plants wile under enjunction by the district courts, and have sense ben ordere to replace and replant her garden. Strike one for the good guys.

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